Cheyne Residents Not Satisfied

Last month we reported on the campaign by residents of the Cheyne Estates to attract a regular bus service to their area. Their first attempts met with a straight ‘no’ from East Riding Council but after further meetings with the Town Council, HART and ERYC, the latter released the following statement:

“In Hornsea, the residents in Cheyne Garth and Cheyne Walk had asked if their roads could be added to the route of the 550 Hornsea Town but, because there is nowhere for a regular sizes bus to turn around on their estate, that was not possible. But now the council  and HART have come together with Hornsea Town Council and East Yorkshire Motor Services to come up with a solution. They have arranged for the Holderness MiBus service to be available to call at homes along Cheyne Garth and Cheyne Walk every Tuesday and also every last Friday of the month, starting on Tuesday 7th April. The door-to-door bus service will take passengers from those two streets to The Willows, the Tesco supermarket and Hornsea Freeport.” Fares for the new service which serves several surrounding villages, are £5 single and £10 return. Timetables are available at the Town Hall. However, for the residents of Cheyne this is not a satisfactory solution. Representative Helen Wilmott says: “Up here at ‘Cheyne’ we want the service bus as with the north and south of Hornsea, not the Mibus or the Hart bus. The service bus is the only option which gives the residents of this area the same service and access to the facilities that Hornsea can offer. The Medibus and the Mibus offer a very limited service which will be of no benefit to the residents on a day to day basis. On the 28th March, East Riding Council Transport Department produced a questionnaire which was delivered to all residents of our area.  The results will be correlated in time for a further meeting between the local council, East Riding Transport  department, and representatives of the residents of Cheyne Garth and Walk on Tuesday 28th April.

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