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Welcome to Issue 24

This month HCN celebrates its second anniversary and once again I must express my eternal gratitude to all those who have contributed and supported us along the way. A special mention must go to all the local businesses and, in particular, those who have been with us right from the start. John Green, Steve Thomson, Ralph Toogood, Hampsons, The Clock Shop, Karl’s PC Repairs, Central Garage, Countdown and Roberts Mobility have been ever presents while Trains Hair and Beauty, Seaton Garage, HPS, Brewer Wallace Solicitors, Holdstock, Nicholls and Train Accountants and John Barr have missed very few editions.

When we began 2 years ago I detected a certain air of doom and gloom as I visited some of our local shops, which were perhaps still recovering from the recession. Since then, however, spirits seem to have been lifted considerably and, this summer in particular, it has been more common to hear complaints, especially from the local trades’ people, of being overwhelmed with work! As we have highlighted in recent issues, Hornsea appears to be experiencing a boom period at the moment with tourism on the rise, high demand for housing, high shop occupancy rates, and very positive feedback from people who have come to live here of visit. We have seen this month, however, that not all news is good news as we face cuts to our health and bus services and the prospect of ever greater traffic congestion. In an age when the role of the State and Council services is being reduced to a minimum the role of our civic and community groups assumes ever more importance. This is one area in which I am confident Hornsea is very strong. The evidence has been there to see in all twenty four editions of this paper. We will continue to support all of our clubs and groups to try to ensure that our community remains strong come what may. We do try our very best to include everyone but this is often a difficult task with so much happening so please be patient when we fall short and please don’t hold back on sending us your news.

Special thanks must also go to our regular article writers who help to make the paper so popular and, last but by no means least, I must give the highest praise to our dedicated team of distributors who do their very best to ensure that we reach everyone. This has been one of the most difficult tasks (I’m sure that there are still some houses that we haven’t discovered!) but I hope you will agree that we are managing to do a pretty good job.

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